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Special occasions at banquet halls are no problem

The range of possibilities

Interiors of banquets hall require a different set of arrangements and decorations that are separate while designing other interior spaces. The vast space, open area and lighting are essential components for most of the occasions that banquet halls are used for. Interior Designer Dwakra offers a range of possibilities and amenities that cater to almost every occasion. Customized and personalized layouts and even other minuscule details, all are taken care by Interior Decorators Dwarka New Delhi. The options are innumerable, just like the number of occasions is. The most popular occasion is weddings.

Age old times

Long gone are the days when interior of expansive banquets hall meant only Victorian decor. From lush, grandeur designs to heavy ornaments decked in every corner, today minimalistic style is what everyone wants.Banquet interiors today are an area of interiors, demanded most by clients for decorating. The customer or client while availing for the interior designers must keep in mind that certain banquet halls do have restrictions on what can or cannot be decorated within the hall. So before investing in any hall for a special event, one must keep in mind all the factors that could prove a hindrance.

Consult with your personal designer

The interesting and exciting option that the designer company uses is that they appoint a personal designer for each client along with a team to actually carry out the project. The decorator from the preparation to the last minute of the final events guides the team to a successful completion of the project. This is a unique marketing strategy that has provided 100% customer satisfaction.