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A beautiful farm you can now call home

A home away from home

In today's hustle and bustle, everyone desires a getaway which is peaceful, calm and in Mother Nature's lap. Farm houses are the new second homes of most people all over the world. Be it a beautiful ranch house encompassing huge acres or just a small farm wooden house isolated among the suburbs and close to Mother Nature, Interior Decorators Dwarka New Delhi does and provide for all sorts of farmhouse. Decorating your farmhouse into a quaint charming little living space is no problem for these experts. A client's list that includes who's who from every walk of life, Interior Designer Dwarka focuses and delivers every individual client's wish list.

Country chic is the new demand

Farm houses usually architectural features encompasses pine plank hardwood floors and basic wooden work all around. There is not much decor that matches this generic interior, but once imagination is let wild, the decorators at Dwarka weave their magic wand to provide a completely different and modern look. From replacing fireplace mantel to changing most woodwork paneling, different textures and materials are used and brought to play. For the more cottage feel, cropped drapery is usually installed among the various other fabrics and patterns. Furnishings, paint colors and fabrics, designers help with all and even take personalized notes from the clientele to deliver their fantasy home to perfection.

Packages to be kept in mind

The modern edges that are supplied to these Farmhouse interiors come in a variety of packages. The packages range from different prices and specific decorators are appointed to cater to each package's different need. From casual-country to country-chic or just a spruce up, the decors accommodate all needs.